Taktak Mo o Tatakbo (alternatively stylized as Taktak Mo? o Tatakbo? or Taktak Mo! o Tatakbo!) is a game segment that is the successor to the popular segment Laban o Bawi.


The segment is divided into two rounds: the elimination round and the jackpot round.


Original title card

In the elimination round, the pool of contestants are given two letters to line up behind. A letter will be randomly picked, and each of the contestants who lined up behind the lucky letter will be asked a question. The contestants who answered correctly will advance to the next cycle of questioning. If a contestant fails to provide the correct response, a contestant from the other letter will get a chance to answer a question. The fate of the previous contestant depends on the answer of the second contestant. If the second contestant incorrectly answers the question, then the previous contestant advances. If the answer is correct, then the second contestant moves on. All of the contestants who answered correctly will go through another cycle of questioning until only one remains to play the jackpot round.

2008 Revised title card

In the jackpot round, the winning contestant will spin three giant roulette-style wheel mechanism with 16 spaces, most of which are labeled with peso amounts ranging from 10,000 peso to 50,000 pesos, plus a top peso value: 50,000 pesos on the first wheel, 100,000 pesos on the second wheel, and 1 million pesos on the last wheel. The wheels also feature "Butata" and "Hirit Pa" labels, which increases in quantity as the player moves from one wheel to another. "Butata"

February 2007

eliminates the total cash prize that the player has accumulated over time. "Hirit Pa" gives the player another turn. The player wins the total total cash prize that the three wheels stopped on.