ACTually) is a game segment that tests the originality and wit of the Eat Bulaga! hosts when it comes to acting out clever uses for normal everyday objects.

The hosts are divided into two teams. After the introduction of the specific object, each team must think of and act out a new function of that object by realizing what other items it might resemble.

Not only does the word ACT in the segment's title refer to the mechanics of the segment, but the letters A, C, and T also stand for acting, creativity, and teamwork, which are necessary skills that each team must have for the game.

ACTually is a reincarnation of the special, one-time 2005 segment, I Object, Your Honor, and its 2015 revival, I Object, #NasaanAngHustisya?. Unlike its predecessors, ACTually was turned into a weekly Saturday segment.



The blue team uses a dustpan as a selfie stick.

The hosts are divided into two teams: the blue team and the yellow team.

The blue team is led by Baste. Members of the blue team are Wally Bayola, Anjo Yllana, Pia Guanio, Allan K, and Jose Manalo. The yellow team of is led by Ryzza Mae Dizon. Members of the yellow team are Luane Dy, Ryan Agoncillo, Ruby Rodriguez, Paolo Ballesteros, Alden Richards, and Maine Mendoza. From time to time, the members of each team are told to switch sides in case there is not enough members for one team.

The game has a total of three rounds. In each round, both teams are given one specific object. Each group will take turns to think of and to act out a clever use for that object by realizing what other objects it might resemble. For instance, a closed umbrella roughly resembles a sword or a walking cane. The team must then act out its new function.


The yellow team uses a rubber tire as an engagement ring for their scene.

In the first and second rounds, each team must perform three scenes for each of their clever ideas. In the third round, each team must perform five scenes. Each scene has a time limit of twenty seconds. In the end of the scene, the team members must state the word "Actually" followed by the clever use of the item.

At the end of each round, the judges decide which team had the cleverest and funniest ideas. Tito Sotto and Jimmy Santos along with thirty-nine members of the audience are the judges of the game, raising a placard labeled blue or yellow. Whichever team gets the most votes wins the round.

In the first and second rounds, the winning team is awarded 20 points while the losing team is awarded 10 points. In the third round, the winning team is awarded 60 points while the losing team is awarded 30 points. Therefore, if one team loses the first two rounds, then that team still has a chance to win the game.